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Kids rooms

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The kids room is a place of joy and helps a child independently learn how to organize his work and rest. The Comodos company proposes a furniture for kids rooms: from the website ready product catalogue and custom-designed furniture in Kiev.

Kids furniture includes the following elements:

— sleeping places: double and single beds, baby`s beds,
— cabinets,
— desks,
— shelves,
— play areas, etc.

The main features of kids furniture are color, size, and also high eco-friendly standards. Selecting kids furniture is an adult person`s responsibility. When ordering kids furniture the following parameters are considered:

1. Safety: choose furniture without sharp corners and glass.

2. Eco- friendly materials. For baby`s furniture there are special standards: no harmful evaporation of resins or glue. Therefore. we recommend You to buy more expensive, but natural furniture from solid wood instead of furniture from chipboard.

3. Age, gender and child`s wishes. For example, if Your child still goes to school, You need to order a comfortable furniture for study (sets-modules). On the Comodos website You can find kids furniture for both a student and a baby.

4. Number of sleeping areas and a room size.

5. The color scheme influences on a child`s normal psychological development and attention focusing. It is considered that light colors that do not “scream” and do not irritate are most comfortable for kids rooms. Children prefer joyful colors: blue, pink, yellow, green. But over time, wishes can change, and if You want your child to use the headset as a teenager, You should buy kids furniture made in universal, neutral color shades.

6. Functionality: it is very important to provide places for storage: drawers under the bed, cabinet furniture, wardrobes, desk. The durability of soft furniture will provide removable covers.

The best choice kids room would be wood furniture made of natural materials. And if You do not have the opportunity to arrange a separate room for a child, Comodos company can help to design a kids space by separating a room with a partition.

A new one solution is a furniture headset consisting of a bed on the second tier and a desk on the first one. It has a cabinet for toys. Such designs of kids furniture are in high demand due to its convenience and originality.

Custom-made kids furniture in Kiev makes Your imagination run wild . Just imagine that soft sofas and ottomans can be not only necessary items in the room interior, but also develop a child`s abilities: for example, if You make furniture in a non-standard design.

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